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Our Puppies


Our exceptional puppies come from champion show and hunt pedigrees.


All puppies are socialized from birth. Puppies are born and reside in our home with us. They are exposed to a wide range of stimuli including varied sounds, surfaces, smells, environments, and a variety of objects. On a daily basis, they are provided with toys of different textures to encourage play.


We engage in responsible breeding practices utilizing genetics to selectively breed for desirable traits and minimize inheritance of deleterious genes to ensure the healthiest puppies possible.


We provide a 1 year health guarantee as long as puppies are checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup. If your veterinarian finds a health issue with your puppy please contact us to discuss options. 

Puppies are sold on limited AKC registration for $2500; however, if certain requirements are met full registration may be granted for additional cost. Minimum requirements include hunt titles and health clearances. We retain the right to have Elmwoode, our AKC registered kennel name, listed in your puppy's registered name. 

We spend a great deal of time and thought matching our puppies to the needs, wants, and desired activities of their future owners. We do not allow individuals to pick out their puppies. What individuals can observe in one or even multiple visits does not compare to what we have observed 24/7 over the course of 8 weeks. Additionally, we reserve the right to keep a puppy from any litter to further our breeding program.

In an effort to avoid introducing diseases to our puppies due to their immature immune systems, we do not allow visitors to our home when we have a litter of puppies. Once born, families will be able to meet their puppy at 8 weeks at their scheduled pick-up; however, we will provide an abundance of videos, pictures and updates to prospective families. 


Puppies can be picked up at 8 weeks. Prior to pick up puppies will have a veterinarian check, initial shots, deworming and dew claws removed. You will receive a puppy package which specifies information pertaining to the sire and dam, puppy veterinary records, AKC paperwork, a puppy contract, and a food sample. We have partnered with Cornerstone Gun Dog Academy to provide you with a puppy bumper and free access to "Success with Your New Puppy" online video training modules. 


A deposit of $500 is required to reserve a puppy. Within one week of litter whelping, we will notify availability of 1st or 2nd choice. If your 1st or 2nd choice is not available in a specific litter, the deposit may be applied to subsequent litters or a full refund will be provided. We are currently accepting deposits for our Nyx and Weatherby planned breeding. 

Options for taking receipt of your puppy include: picking up at our home; meeting at a reasonable driving distance location or meeting at the Watertown International Airport or the Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, NY.

If you find that you are unable to keep your puppy due to hardship or other circumstances, please contact us to discuss options of returning your puppy to us. 


Puppy Inquiry Form

To better understand your needs, please complete the form below. 


Thank you for your interest in Elmwood Labradors.

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